Tripping Through Indonesia on Trip Advisor – Southern Bali

  We’ve just returned from an incredible trip through Indonesia,  made all the better by a positive, first-hand experience using Trip Advisor.  Visiting five islands in five weeks, and on the fly,  we made almost a dozen accommodation decisions, as many restaurant choices, and even a few tour packages by going online.  Trip Advisor is a powerful social media/web-based travel planning tool, that provides information and reviews in real time, and we used this data to research our travel picks.  All were winners, with each adding unexpected, but multi-layered details to our  travel experience. Best of all, we had no disappointments.

Over the course of this  blog series we’ll share some of our experiences, from trekking through the highlands of Papua to the finding the best white, sandy beach we’ve ever seen.

   We’ll also share some of our strategies for using Trip Advisor, based on our experiences as B&B operators. Coracle Cove has received almost 60 Trip Advisor Reviews. We have a good understanding of both sides of the Trip Advisor equation, and used this knowledge to develop an effective strategy for interpreting the reviews, and then picking our Indonesian winners.

And just in case we do manage to inspire you to go to Indonesia, we’ll also share our Trip Advisor Best Picks (see below)

  Now back to our trip… the image at the top of the page was taken at Uluwatu, a cliff-hanging ancient Hindu temple, built over 1000 years ago. This west-facing directional-temple looks over the Indian Ocean, and I took this second image from the top row of the outdoor amphitheatre where I was sitting, just minutes before the start of a mesmerizing evening performance of the epic Asian folk tale of Ramayana.

  I would actually see portions of this traditional performance several  times over the course of our trip. I was intrigued by the story and captivated by the intricate foot and hand movements, and the meditative beat of the gamelon orchestra. The Kecak Fire Dance at Uluwatu was definitely a great introduction for me to the cultural side of Indonesia.

Interestingly however,  I would probably have missed this experience entirely, without the good advice from the small guest house that I found through Trip Advisor. Teka Tiki House, in Seminyak, Bali is operated by Jules, an ex-pat, Aussie school teacher and Donni, her Balinese husband.

I was attracted to Teka Tiki by the large number of good reviews they had received on Trip Advisor and based on the five days I stayed with them, they are well deserved. As a B&B owner I  always try to book into other B&Bs, because I know that I’ll get good, personalized service and lots of local information. Teka Tiki arranged drivers, provided restaurant recommendations, and even invited me to join them for a wonderful seafood BBQ at an out-of-the-way oceanside restaurant where the food was great and the evening sunset… well that’s for another blog. Stay tuned for the next instalment, and a few more of our Trip Advisor Best Picks.

Our Trip Advisor Best Picks –  Accommodation, Eating & Activities:

  • Kendi Kuning: Nusa Dua, seafood – excellent food and beachside location
  • Made’s Warung: Seminyak, Indonesian – good evening entertainment
  • Warung Bale Bali: Seminyak, Indonesian – quiet restuarant with good food
  • Kind Villa Bintang Resort: Nusa Dua – a perfect place to relax upon arrival
  • Teka Tiki Guest House: Seminyak –  great location, great value
  • Espace Spa: Seminayak – Ahhh…. the best answer to jet lag

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