Bird Watching Holidays on the Sunshine Coast – Canvasback returns to Sechelt Marsh

I’d heard that the Canvasback had returned to Sechelt Marsh and the weekend presented a great opportunity to pay him a visit.  Canvasbacks were in serious decline and placed on the lists of special concern in the 1980’s, largely because of loss of habitat. Their numbers fortunately are starting to increase and we are quite fortunate to have these beautiful ducks returning to our area.

I watched him diving repeatedly, as thier main diet conisists of the vegetative material growing below the water. Their sturdy bill is particularly suited for digging tubers from the substrate, and their large webbed feet help them to propel themselves under water.

Sechelt Marsh is located just north of the town centre at Porpoise Bay. More information about birding on the Sunshine Coast can be found at

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  1. I searched Google for canvasbacks and I found your blog :-) I like your blog, well done!

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