Sirens of the Sea fails to seduce

A buddy invited me out for brunch recently, and since he was buying he got to choose the restaurant. When he suggested Sirens of the Sea, my curiosity notched up a few levels  .

Sirens of the Sea opened last May, in Davis Bay across from the seawall and has arguably one of the best views on the Coast. There was a good strong southeaster blowing that blustery morning and our window seat provided lots of drama as we watched a small tug boat trying to tow a large barge, as it pounded into the waves. The west-facing Davis Bay view is also great for enjoying colourful evening sunsets.

But back to the reason for my curiosity.  My mandate for Everything Sunshine Coast is that it will be a place where readers can get an insider’s perspective on the Sunshine Coast – the good and the bad – in other words, the truth.  And that’s why my curiosity about Sirens of the Sea was piqued, because I’d heard mixed reviews from others, and I needed to find out for myself.

The morning special was a Blackstone Benny and this also caught my interest (I know… call it professional curiousity)  When I asked about the name of this special offering neither the server nor the chef knew the answer (a Blackstone Benny is made with ham instead of bacon and a slice of tomato)  

My Blackstone arrived and the poached eggs were indeed perfectly cooked. The Hollandaise, however, looked and tasted like it came out of a tube; the oven roasted potatoes just didn’t have much flavour – no spices or herbs had been used; and… where was the ham in my Blackstone Benny!!

My buddy ordered the Complete Breakfast – a good descriptor as the plate was loaded  with French Toast from a good crusty baguette, together with bacon, sausage and eggs. The fruit garnish for both dishes was basic, however – the ubiquitous orange slice – and that seemed to sum up my feeling about the experience itself – satisfying but nothing special.

So in the interests of being true to my mandate: the location provides a  great view, and our server was extremely attentive. Breakfast, however, was just average. As mentioned earlier, I’ve heard mixed reports on their dinner, as well. Two good friends have had very good dinners; others not so impressed.  

The bottom line – there are many other better dining experiences to be found on the Sunshine Coast, so stay tuned to Everything Sunshine Coast.

About Coracle Cove

The Sunshine Coast is on Vancouver’s doorstep, and while it’s only 40 minutes away, it's one of BC’s best kept secrets. In Everything Sunshine Coast we’ll unlock the secrets and share our best insider tips to help you get the most out of your next getaway to the Sunshine Coast. Jack & Sheila Pope escaped to the Sunshine Coast over 35 years ago. They own Coracle Cove, a bed & breakfast and vacation rental business, and enjoy sharing the beauty of the Sunshine Coast with visitors from around the world.
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3 Responses to Sirens of the Sea fails to seduce

  1. ufc forum says:

    Stumbled on this page through bing, just figured I’d say hi and will checkup every now and then. Thanks

  2. D. says:

    I would like to know where exactly you think has better food than Sirens? Every time I go there I’m blown away, and find it by far the best food for the price. The Eggs Benny is to die for! I suppose you must be one highly excellent cook to think this food is “average”.

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