I have an addiction… to coffee

If you often find yourself thinking about your next fix, then it’s pretty clear, you have an addiction. I know about this… I start thinking about my first coffee before I’m even out of bed. Fortunately, I’ve got the means to satisfy that fix – a good supply of great beans gets me started on the day.   But like a junky in search of the ultimate high, I often find myself making excuses to visit my favourite caffeine den.

Strait Coffee moved into its current location about a year ago, after it had decidedly outgrown its old location of ten or more years.  The new location is significantly expanded –  it’s bright and colourful with lots of wood detail throughout and it’s quickly become a very busy place, throughout the day…for good reason

Strait Coffee has created a coffee culture on the Sunshine Coast. They begin by doing their homework to source out great fair trade beans. With over a decade of experience, they have mastered the complex task of roasting these beans to perfection. Their baristas are trained and take pride in every cup they serve. Finally, they have created an environment that simply allows you to savour that perfect cup. And I love the little touches, like the spring bouquet of flowers atop my double shot latte.

But it’s more than just the coffee. Double chocolate chip or gluten-free ginger cookies, tangy lemon bars and a cheesecake menu that changes daily. If you’re there at lunch time, there’s always a choice of hearty soups with a good thick slice of fresh-baked multigrain bread. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up later in the day, or just a place to meet up with some friends, you can now order from their wine list.

The good news is that the Strait Coffee culture is spreading.  Wherever you go on the Sunshine Coast,  you’re pretty well assured that your beverage of choice will be made with these perfectly roasted beans. You can also buy their beans in a number of locations. We serve a rich, fragrant Ethiopian Yirgacheffe at our B&B.  For those living on the other side of the water, don’t despair. IGA’s got you covered – at least two of their Vancouver stores have joined the Strait Coffee team.

The bottom line: Definitely two thumbs up

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The Sunshine Coast is on Vancouver’s doorstep, and while it’s only 40 minutes away, it's one of BC’s best kept secrets. In Everything Sunshine Coast we’ll unlock the secrets and share our best insider tips to help you get the most out of your next getaway to the Sunshine Coast. Jack & Sheila Pope escaped to the Sunshine Coast over40 years ago. They own Coracle Cove, a waterfront vacation rental and enjoy sharing the beauty of the Sunshine Coast with visitors from around the world. www.coraclecove.com
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