Bird Watching Holidays on the Sunshine Coast – Interactive birding map for the Sunshine Coast now available


It was one of those mornings, as I rolled over to look out the window and immediately jumped out of bed. Those warm reddish-orange colours in the morning sky can be very fleeting and I wanted to enjoy every minute that I could. Further adding to this painting, was the flat morning water reflecting all those rich colours back to the sky. The day held promise.

We live at Four Mile Point on Sechelt Inlet,  a beautiful, pristine environment and this is the time of the year when wildlife begins to return, with new sightings waiting to be seen almost every day. In this case, it was several water birds paddling around our dock that caught my attention this morning. I reached for my binoculars…

This trio of Barrow’s Goldeneye were very interested in what was below the water, diving repeatedly to break off the mussels that had attached themselves to the bottom of our dock. This is a handsome male who’s attracted two female companions.

In addition to the Goldeneyes, there was another group of Merganzers paddling nearby. This one seemed to be enjoying the warm sunshine as well. The Sunshine Coast is a prolific region for birding.  There are shore birds, sea birds, woodlands birds, open meadow birds, transients, migratory birds and those odd birds, blown completely off course, that occasionally cause a stir in these parts.  Fortunately, I subscribe to a well-used Yahoo News Group which keeps me instantly informed about these sightings. I’ll pass these sightings onto my blog readers.

The Sunshine Coast Natural History Society has also gathered a number of very useful resources for both local and visiting birders including a Sunshine Coast Checklist  as well as an interactive map with information on 22 birding locations on the Sunshine Coast .

Our waterfront suite is centrally located to all of these great birding  locations, each within an hour’s drive. Stay tuned as I profile each location in upcoming blogs.

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