Spring birding on the Sunshine Coast – March 31st

These LBJ’s (little brown jobs) are doing a pretty good job of taking over our feeders right now. There’s generally a dozen or more perched in the branches of the big Fir tree next to the B&B feeder, waiting for an opportunity to swoop in and feed. They’re actually Black-eyed Juncos, called that because… well they have black eyes and bird names are usually that way.

This is a great time for birding, with lots of new species arriving each week. There’s a friendly little contest going on between some of our local birders, with the current leader having just passed the 100 mark for the year.  I’m quite a bit off that mark but I do enjoy the annual spring parade of returning species, and I really enjoy trying to take their pictures.

The Juncos are pretty tolerant of human activity, especially when they’re bulking up for mating season, as they seem to be doing right now. I took these two pictures from our B&B deck.  By positioning the feeder just off to the side, I was able to catch them in a natural setting, perched on a branch, waiting to move on to the feeder.

Happy Birding Everyone!!

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